Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

A recap of last week’s main event, where Melina decided to walk out on her NWA women’s title match against champion Thunder Rosa because Rosa refused to lay down. Former champion Allysin Kay would then appear and attack Melina, but would be speared by Kamille out of nowhere. Show ended with Kamille and Rosa having an epic staredown.

NWA Powerrr intro song.

Sean Mooney welcomes us to another episode of Powerrr. He hypes up two big title matches for today’s show including The Bouncers against Eli Drake and James Storm for the NWA tag team championship. Starting the show off…an NWA Television title match between Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks. Dice is out first, followed by Starks. As a reminder…these bouts have a time limit of just over six-minutes.

Zicky Dice versus Ricky Starks for the NWA Television Championship

Dice wastes time by playing to the crowd. Commentary reminds us that if Starks has 7 successful defense he automatically receives an opportunity at the world title. Dice with a takedown. He challenges Starks to a push-up contest…he obliges. Starks rocks Dice with a big right hand. He comes off the ropes…flying forearm. Dice ends up in the corner…Starks hits a running shoulder thrust and rolls Dice up…only two. Dice slides to the outside to recover. Dice grabs Starks and slams his neck over the ropes. He brings Starks to the corner and wraps his body around the ringpost in a submission. Back in the ring he goes for a cover…Starks kicks out. Headlock applied by Dice. Fans trying to rally Starks back into the match…he gets to his feet but Dice whips him back down to the mat. Northern lights suplex attempt…Starks has it scouted and grabs the top rope. He goes for a tornado DDT but instead opts for a falcon arrow. Dice reverses an Irish-whip and splashes Starks in the corner. Dice goes for the Rude Awakening…he got it! Cover…Starks gets a foot under the ropes. Dice can’t believe it…he throws his fanny pack at Starks. Starks sets up for his finisher…Dice counters and stacks Starks for the pin…he got em! New champ!

Zicky Dice wins by pinfall to become the new NWA Television Champion

Dice immediately goes for an interview with Dave Marquez. Thomas Latimer appears and tells Dice to get the hell out of the way. Latimer screams for Joe Galli to meet him at the interview desk. Galli hesitates but joins Latimer. Latimer asks if Galli if he still wants to hear Kamille speak? Galli says yes. Latimer promises that next week Kamille will indeed speak with Galli. This ends the segment.

Advertisement for the April 19th Crockett Cup PPV, as well as NWA tapings at GPB Studios.

Sean Mooney welcomes us back from break and gives us an update on ticket sales for upcoming NWA events. He takes us to a press conference between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll that took place last Wednesday. Scurll talks about his love of professional wrestling. “It’s all I know. It’s all I know how to do. I’m giving up a lot of weight to Nick in this fight, but I what I lose in weight, I make up for in experience. If you’re thinking about buying a ticket for Crockett Cup…then do it…because I guarantee I will become champion.”

Nick Aldis speaks next. “Today is day 493 of my second reign as the worlds wrestling heavyweight champion. When it comes to the NWA…there is the National Treasure Nick Aldis…and there is everybody else.” He goes on to say that if Marty Scurll beats him for the title…he will live forever.

A commercial segment featuring The Question Mark talking about the Mongrovian Wikipedia page.

We see a replay of Trevor Murdoch’s win over the Question Mark from last week. Afterwards he would be attacked by NWA National champion Aron Stevens and the Question Mark. Murdoch would be knocked out cold.

Stevens and the Question Mark speak with Dave Marquez. “Lot of talk about belts lately. Obviously the Question Mark and myself have been after the tag team belts for quite some time. We want more gold. What does one have to do to get more belts around here?” This leads to Stevens inviting out the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express to talk. Gibson and Morton make their way out. Crowd erupts and serenades them with loud “Rock and Roll” chants. Stevens tells them that after five decades in the business they’re finally lucky enough to share a screen with him. Stevens that a tag match with them would help their chances of getting an eventual title shot. Stevens also offers them a spot in one of his movies in LA if they “do business” and lay down. Gibson and Morton deny the LA deal, but say they’ll be willing to fight them on next week’s episode of Powerrr.

NWA Shop promo.

Another look at last week’s finale after Kamille speared former women’s champion Allysin Kay, then stared down current champ Thunder Rosa.

The Dawsons make their way to the ring for tag team action. They’ll be facing Caleb Konley and CW Anderson. Commentary tell us that this is the last chance for all four men to earn contracts with NWA.

The Dawsons versus Caleb Konley/CW Anderson Tornado Tag

The Dawsons attack before the bell. Konley lights up Zane with chops. Zane catches him for a powerslam but Konley shifts his weight and retakes control with running corner knee strikes. Dave smashes Konley from behind. Anderson rocks him with a jab, then follows up with a big right. Zane hits a lariat from the apron to Anderson to give the Dawsons momentum. They pick up Anderson for a double-suplex…and get it. Konley jumps right into a haymaker from Dave. More tandem offense from the Dawsons…Konley just kicks out on a pin attempt. Anderson side-steps an attack and Konley drops both Dawsons with a running dropkick. He goes for another one but this time the Dawsons counter with a double-powerbomb. Anderson breaks up the pin…he gets hit with a chokeslam. Zane screams that Anderson is a “dead man.” Anderson pulls down the ropes to send Dave to the outside. Konley and Anderson team up on Zane. Spinebuster/moonsault combo. That’ll do it.

Caleb Konley/CW Anderson win by pinfall

Commentary asks if this means we won’t see the Dawsons in NWA anymore. Crow chants “goodbye Dawsons.”

Flashback to last week when the Bouncers betrayed Eddie Kingston under orders from Pope. They beat him down and hit their finisher laying Kingston out. Pope used his pull to get the Bouncers an NWA tag title shot, which is today’s main event.

Another update from Sean Mooney. He says that in two weeks we’ll find out who faces Thunder Rosa at Crockett Cup, and the in-ring debut of Kamille, who has also promised to speak for the first time to Joe Galli. Mooney reminds us that Crockett Cup will stream on FITE TV.

Joe Galli welcomes May Valentine and Sal Rinauro to the interview desk. Crowd gives Rinauro a warm ovation. Valentine says she’s beginning a new lingerie line and has had Rinauro helping her with her Vlog. Rinauro then says he’s about one month out from returning to action, but is grateful the injury happened when it did because it gave him the time to bond with Valentine. “I don’t look at this as a bad break…I look at this as my lucky break.” Galli asks Valentine if she has any insight on what Kamille is going to say during their interview. “I don’t know, but when she does speak…she means business.” Galli asks if Valentine would be interested in shooting her Vlog right now with the NWA fans. They oblige and start taking selfies. Royce Isaacs comes out and argues with Valentine for hanging out with Rinauro. Rinauro tries to intervene but Isaacs threatens to break his other arm over the steel steps. Valentine pleads with him not to…he lets Rinauro go. Valentine says “she’s so mad at Isaacs” for accting like a crazy person and leaves with Rinauro.

After a quick break Pope and The Bouncers are at the interview desk with Dave Marquez. Pope says he’s got two of the biggest and baddest man in all of professional wrestling and they are taking advantage of the opportunity and change that Pope is bringing. Beer City Bruiser jumps in. “We all know that this is about one thing…money. And Pope has money. We came to the NWA to prove that we are the top tag team in the universe, and because of Pope’s money…we are going to win the NWA world tag team championships.”

Main event time. The Bouncers are already out. The champs, Eli Drake and James Storm are out next accompanied by Eddie Kingston.

The Bouncers versus Eli Drake/James Storm for the NWA Tag Team Championship

Eli Drake and Milonas begin. Drake taunts Milonas and baits him into a headlock. He gets bounced off the ropes and collides but Milonas doesn’t move. He throws Drake in the corner…Drake quickly escapes and lands a few stiff strikes. He tries to powerslam Milonas…he can’t get him up. Another shoulder block attempt…Milonas runs right through him. Bruiser tags in. He rubs his elbow off Drake’s face. Drake tags in Storm. Tandem offense by the champs. Pope distracts Storm giving Bruiser the opening…Samoan drop. Milonas back in. Storm tries to pick him up but he’s just too big. Chops from Milonas send the Cowboy to the mat. Meanwhile Kingston hasn’t taken his eyes off Pope since the bout began. The Bouncers wear Storm down by keeping him in their corner. Running knee from Bruiser for a nearfall…Storm kicks out at one. He eventually makes the hot tag to Drake.

Drake comes in with a flying lariat. He goes to the apron…springboard dropkick. Bouncers try to regroup on the outside…Drake back body drops Storm onto them! Drake victory Rolls the Bruiser….CLOSE two count. Bouncers collide into Drake from two sides. Bruiser throws Storm into Milonas…Bossman slam. Cover…another close two! Fans chanting loud for the champs. Milonas goes for a superplex onto Storm…he turns it into a sunset powerbomb. Storm and Drake then powerslam Milonas. Storm hits the Last Call on Bruiser…Drake follows up with the elbow drop. They retain.

Eli Drake/James Storm win by pinfall to retain the NWA Tag Team championship

Afterwards Kingston gets in the ring and calls Pope in for a fight. Pope takes his glasses off and looks as if he’s about to accept, but instead decides to leave. The Drake and Storm celebrate.

That’s the show friends.

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