Former WWE official, Jimmy Korderas, recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Full Gear. He commented Adam Page’s AEW Title victory and if the match lived up to the two-year build.

“I think it actually did. I enjoyed the match very much, I thought they told a heck of a story in the match. Like you said, a two-year build. I love stories that take time to develop and I know they had to take little breaks here and there for reasons,” Korderas said. “But at the same time, the story was there in the background all the time. I think Sunday night was a nice, I don’t want to say, ending to that story, because we might get the rematch or whatever the case might be. But at the same time, I like the fact that Hangman is now an AEW guy with the AEW Championship, for lack of a better term. Yes, I know he’s wrestled in Japan and he’s been everywhere else. But I’m talking about a guy who is a non-WWE performer holding the title.

“I just hope, I don’t know, we shall see going forward, will the Hangman move that needle that needs to be moved,” Korderas questioned. “Don’t get me wrong, they’re doing well in the ratings, they appeal to that hardcore audience, their diehard fans. But they need to grow that audience and hopefully, Hangman is the guy who can bridge that gap.”

Jimmy Korderas also spoke about areas he wants to see Hangman improve. While he noted his in-ring work was great the former WWE referee spoke about other aspects of him that need elevating.

“He’s talented in the ring, don’t get me wrong because his in-ring work is great. I am just concerned about the character, him on the mic,” Korderas said. “He did well last week with his promo work, which is some of the better work that he’s done on the mic that I’ve seen since he’s been on TV in AEW. He needs to elevate that part of his game.”

Korderas also discussed the importance of moments in wrestling. He mentioned the fact that people aren’t all talking about Page coming out of the PPV. He admitted that this makes him question if he can move the needle.

“Moments matter. When you talk about big moments that resonate with people and stick in their minds, you can talk about twisting, burning, 450 hammer phoenix splashes, and all this kind of stuff that goes on. But that title win was two years in the making and it was the last thing people saw going off the air,” he noted. “So that should have been the moment that resonated and stayed with people. The fact that people are talking about other stuff ahead of this, that’s what makes me question whether or not Hangman is the guy to move that needle. Or, was it just the circumstances of the PPV having so much jammed into it.”

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