Jimmy Korderas was a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily earlier today where he reflected on Full Gear. He commented on Darby Allin suffering his second PPV loss in a row and if that could stall his momentum in AEW.

“Maybe a little bit, but it’s always salvageable, especially with someone like Darby Allin because he is so popular with the AEW faithful. I don’t want to say he’s Teflon like a CM Punk or Bryan Danielson, or something like that, he’s not at that level yet. But at the same time, it is MJF, it is, for the lack of a better term, the top heel in AEW that he lost too. At least the most hated one,” Korderas said. “So, there is a way to get him back to where he needs to be. Or is this an opportunity for him to maybe turn heel and turn on his idol Sting?”

Jimmy Korderas then pointed out that Sting shouldn’t be the one to turn heel. He then fantasy-booked a potential way for Allin to turn.

“No, I think he’s past the point of being a heel. He’s a legend, he’s an icon,” Korderas said. “I just can’t see him being that evil Sting character. But turning on an icon, turning on a legend like that and saying, ‘listen, I need to do something with my career and you’re holding me back. You’re an icon, you may be a great teacher and someone to learn from, but you’re holding me back.’”

Korderas also spoke about the Eddie Kingston and CM Punk match. He believes that the two men lived up to the hype with this bout.

“I think it did. That was a hard-hitting match. You take the blood out of it, the blood wasn’t the symbol of hard-hitting, they laid it in there, and they laid it all out there. You can question whether Punk going over or Eddie Kingston going over was the right or wrong call. The bottom line is, I’d like to see where the two go next,” he stated. “Especially after Punk offered his hand at the end of the match, Eddie fluffed him off and walked out. Do we have a part two and Eddie gets the win here and then we have the tiebreaker?”

Korderas also spoke about how things feel real between the two men. He said that is the beauty that is actually missing in wrestling at the moment.

“It makes absolute sense. When you watch that promo segment leading into the PPV when they are going back and forth and you felt the realism in their shots back and forth together, calling him a bum and saying, ‘nobody wants you here in that locker room right now, you’ve been away for seven years and nobody wants you here.’ Even those who think they know, don’t know,” Korderas said. “That’s the beauty of it. That’s what’s missing a lot today. When you start to question yourself, as smart as you think you are. You start going, ‘Wow, that was a hell of a shot, was that real? Were they laying their stuff in?’ I love that.”

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