Ric Flair commented earlier today that WWE is apparently erasing his legacy. Flair also noted he’s trying to get the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship and WWF Championship (Winged Eagle Belt) back.

“Speaking of legacies, @WWE has decided to erase mine,” Flair wrote. “That’s all good, however, these two belts are my legacy, And I’d like them returned! I’ve asked twice, apparently falling on deaf ears! I’m assuming that next week on @FlairUncensored I’ll have to explain in detail! WOOOOO!”

As noted, Ric Flair launched a new Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast yesterday on The Podcast Heat Network. Flair’s co-host will be former WCW commentator and Pittsburgh radio veteran Mark Madden.

Flair’s new podcast will “take an in-depth look at pivotal moments and memorable matches in Flair’s Hall of Fame career” and also give “Flair and Madden the platform to give their uncensored views and opinions on the current state of professional wrestling.”

The Nature Boy originally ran his “Wooooo! Nation” podcast from May 2015 – April 2016, but it was nixed after 46 episodes. He then hosted “The Ric Flair Show” on MLW Radio from July 2016 – December 2016, but quit that show due to work with WWE and feeling like he could no longer be objective when it came to his thoughts on the WWE product.

Flair has also been in the news this week thanks to his back-and-forth with Becky Lynch.