The Rock reacted on social media to comments from WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali about their past backstage interactions.

While speaking with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports for an article about The Rock and his 25 years in wrestling, Ali noted the time he stopped to say hello to multiple Cruiserweights backstage.

“The Rock was at RAW to do some filming for the Fighting With My Family movie,” Ali recalled. “At the time, I was part of the cruiserweight division, and we all pretty much knew to ‘stay out of the way.’ Rock was walking by with a camera crew and was obviously busy, talking to multiple people about the upcoming shoot. He walks by all the [cruiserweight], who are pretty much posted up against the wall to not be in his way. He stops, does a 180 and says hello to all of us. Shook everyone’s hand.

“Now, saying hello shouldn’t be a big deal, but when you’re brand-new and one of the biggest stars in the world treats you as a peer, it means something. Class act from him.”

Rock later responded to Mustafa Ali’s comments:

“I remember this moment very well,” Rock responded in the comments. “I was impressed at how sharp everyone was dressed and how well respectful you guys just stood there. Mouths shut, ears & eyes open. How it should be with rooks. I’m happy you’ve made it to the dance. Make all the money you can and HAVE FUN! Rock.”

The People’s Champion is rumored to be appearing at this weekend’s Survivor Series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut.