During the latest episode of The Hall Of Fame podcast on Reality Of Wrestling, Booker T discussed Sammy Guevara. The Spanish God recently dropped the TNT Title to Cody Rhodes. However, the WWE Hall Of Famer doesn’t think that’s a bad thing.

“I really don’t think so. Just because when you win the title, that says one thing,” Booker said. “That says the company believed in you enough to say, ‘let’s put the belt on this guy. Let’s give him the rub, let’s bring him up. But we can’t bring everybody up and just focus on this one guy.’ Sammy is good. Sammy is young, he’s got a lot of time left in the business. He’s got a lot more title reigns to capture.”

Booker T then went on to discuss the situation in more detail. He pointed out that being given the TNT Title is like on-the-job training. He believes that Sammy has done a good job with the opportunities he has been provided so far.

“Just imagine, man, if people were talking about, ‘Booker T, man, he won the TV title, he should be in the World Title picture right now,’” Booker reflected. “Can you imagine what that would have done for me? As far as what kind of pressure that would have put me under?

“But winning the Television Championship six times before I moved on,” he said. “That on-the-job training for me, it was worth its weight in gold. And that’s what Sammy is getting right now, it’s on-the-job training. I think he’s done a damn good job, being a young kind thrust in the spotlight the way he has over this last year.

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