Ethan Page resurrected his infamous indie feud with Darby Allin this past summer in AEW. This rivalry culminated in a Coffin Match, the first of its kind on All Elite programming.

While Page still has unrealized goals in AEW, he told Crisis on Infinite Podcasts that the Coffin Match was his dream stipulation contest come to life.

“It was that,” Page said. “It’s different wording, different branding [from WWE’s Casket Match]. To see Ringside Collectibles releasing a toy from that match was really cool. It would been better if I was, you know, in it (laughs). It’s part of AEW history. It was the first ever Coffin Match, and it would be cool to know I had some kind of hand in a piece of history with AEW. If they’re going to have those matches going forward, I assume they’ll be called Coffin Matches instead of Casket Match.”

When the time comes for Page to get an AEW figure, he has a list of accessories he needs coming alongside it.

“I assume my figure would come with one of my zip-up jackets. If not, that’ll be my first choice,” Page said. “An interchangeable short sleeve fancy shirt would be awesome. A hook from the wrestling ring, because I did that with Darby, could be an option, or the steel steps because I’ve used them before too.”

That first AEW figure will be especially memorable for Ethan Page, who is a noted toy collector himself. Page’s collection spans various fandom-driven universes, from Power Rangers to Marvel Comics, and he puts his toy hunts on display in his weekly YouTube vlogs. Page still has a number of toys he wants to get his hands on, but he pointed to a big Power Rangers character as his dream purchase.

“Probably just an original Megazord from the 90s in the box,” Page said, before grabbing some of his collection from his shelf. “These are like, original boxed from the 90s. This one was purchased for me by Hornswoggle. For me, it’s all nostalgia. I want the things I couldn’t get when I was a kid. Things I couldn’t afford or couldn’t find,  and in the box too. The whole thing for me and walking through the toy store as a kid, being like, ‘I wish I could get that. I wish I could get that.’ Now, I can. That’s the hunt. I’m not even chasing the toy, I’m chasing the feeling.”

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