As noted, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley made his first appearance in All Elite Wrestling tonight since entering alcohol rehabilitation treatment in early November 2021. Moxley kicked off Dynamite, entering to his signature Wild Thing theme song and walking through the crowd.

Mox looked well, and headed to the ring with an intensity in his eyes. Before he began to speak, he took a moment to absorb the chants from the crowd as they yelled “Mox-ley!” and “Welcome back!” repeatedly.

A rude fan was yelling something at Mox. Mox bluntly replied, “Hey go f–k yourself, get that guy out of here… piece of sh-t!”

Moxley’s first promo since returning to the ring was centered around his battle with alcoholism, making a metaphor about how a black cloud of a demon was following him. This demon didn’t want him to ever be free so he can finally embrace the good life he has with his wife and family. He has lots of scars and it may be normal to keep those things hidden like they aren’t there, but those are the things that give us strength and make us who we are.

He knows no one is perfect but people should be able to stand in front of the world, scars and all, and say, ‘Hey, this is me!’ Mox says there are plenty of people that want to write him off and doubt him, but if they want to doubt him now, they can think what they want. But just like that cloud of a demon, he will tell you to shove it up your a**. He doesn’t run from demons, he beats the s**t out of them. He thanks everyone for supporting him during this time, and vows that this year will be a hell of a ride for his fans.

He says there’s nothing in the ring now that he can be put through that he hasn’t faced in real life. He says he’s thirsty and if you thought he was dangerous before, all he “drinks these days is blood.”

Moxley will be defending his GCW World Championship this Sunday at GCW’s The Wrld on GCW event against “The Notorious 187” Homicide. He won the title from Matt Cardona at GCW The Art of War Games on September 4, 2021.

You can see photos and video clips of the segment below:

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