WWE Superstar AJ Styles recently spoke with Wrestling Inc’s Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 media row about his match with Edge. The two men will meet tonight in a highly anticipated match, but AJ doesn’t have any nerves about it.

“I don’t think so,” AJ Styles said on if he has any nerves. “I’ve been doing this over 20 years, the pressure is what it used to be, I am just looking forward to having a great match.”

The expectations for their encounter are certainly high from the WWE Universe. However, that is something that AJ Styles believes could end up being a problem. For him, if they are too high, it can end up hurting things.

“Well, see there’s the dilemma,” AJ revealed. “The expectations might be too high, and so it will hurt the match. I just hope to have something very entertaining and make some moments.”

AJ Styles used the match with Shane McMahon from WrestleMania 33 as an example of expectations. He pointed out that nobody expected much from that one, which is why people ended up enjoying it so much.

“Well listen, there’s a reason people are like, ‘you remember that Shane McMahon – AJ Styles match? Yeah, that was really good.’ Because the expectations were so low, we could only go as far as they’d let us. It was a good match,” he said. “Shane’s a perfectionist and I had a really good match with him.”

You can listen to AJ’s full interview with Wrestling Inc. below:

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