WWE Superstars Los Lotharios recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 media row about how fans react now. Angel Garza spoke passionately about his thoughts on the WWE Universe. He believes we are living in the, “criticism era,” with people not being happy regardless of what happens.

“I am going to bring this to the table. No matter what we do, they are always going to complain,” he said on the fans. “No matter if we are on the top, ‘oh, they are giving everything to that guy.’ If you are running for the 24/7, ‘oh, they are burying that guy,’ if you are doing a great job, ‘oh they are just trying to push that guy.’ They are always going to come with something, they will never be happy. At this point, we are looking at our careers.

“Sometimes it’s more than, ‘oh, you’re an ego (egotistical) person, you are just looking for yourself.’ Yeah, because you are just looking for yourself. What if I tell you in your job, go and do that thing, then I start complaining because you do it a certain way. Or, I start criticizing you, like hey, ‘why are you holding that mic that way, grab it another way,’ no matter how you do it, I’m always going to complain. That’s all the fans that we have right now. It’s part of the business to have all of them, but we are living in that era. I call it, ‘the criticism era.’”

Humberto Carrillo also spoke about the future of their tag team. Right now, a lot of main roster stars are getting to appear in NXT 2.0. For him, working with Imperium would be an ideal situation.

“Yeah sure, definitely Legado is one of them,” Humberto said on a dream NXT opponent. “But I think our eyes will be on the tag team, the actual tag team champions, Imperium. That would be good.”

Angel Garza also made it clear that wherever WWE puts them, they will be pushing it to the limit. However, he does think that their current characters fit in perfectly with the current NXT 2.0 product.

“As I told you, no matter where, if they put us on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, we are going to go, looking forward and always pushing our ourselves. It doesn’t matter who is in there, we can go and perform there. Right now, I like that they are bringing that little flavor, or spicy show. I like that, I think our characters fit perfectly.”

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