WWE Superstar Corey Graves recently spoke with Wrestling Inc’s Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 media row about Pat McAfee’s accent. McAfee grew up within a few miles of Graves in the Pittsburgh area and while Pat pushes his accent, Corey actually had to unlearn his when he began.

“If you close your eyes, they’ve both (McAfee and his brother Sam Adonis) got that deep Pittsburgh accent, the Yinzer. It’s so funny to me, I laugh about it all the time,” he said. “How McAfee is this broadcasting juggernaut right now, and when I first started doing commentary, the first thing I had to unlearn was a Pittsburgh accent.”

The decision to remove his accent is something that Corey Graves admitted took him a while to learn. However, now he thinks he should unlearn it to get into Pat McAfee’s position.

“It took me a while,” he admitted. “And I was very, very self-conscious about pronouncing words a certain way, because I wanted to sound like a broadcaster. Then Pat comes along and blows the whole thing up. I am like, ‘man, I should have unlearned it, maybe I will be in McAfee’s position.’”

Corey Graves did tease the possibility of facing McAfee on social media recently. However, he pointed out that Raw and SmackDown only compete against each other on one night of the year.

“Not to my knowledge was it ever discussed with any sense of legitimacy. But you’ve got to remember, there’s only one night a year Raw and SmackDown competes in head-to-head competition, Survivor Series. I hope, I am going to start politicking now,” he said on a possible match. “I think McAfee and Graves at Survivor Series, I think we have to pass the bar that was set by Cole and Lawlor at WrestleMania.”

Graves also took the time to praise Pat McAfee for his work so far. He noted that the former NFL star doesn’t need to be around in WWE, but it’s something he wants to do.

“As over the top as Pat is, he loves this, that’s why Pat’s here. Pat doesn’t need the money, Pat doesn’t need the exposure, he is wildly successful on his own. Pat loves WWE, so more power to him the fact that he’s living his dream I think is very cool.”

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