Earlier this weekend, WWE sent out a survey to select members of the WWE Universe, and the questions give a glimpse at what the company is considering.

The notable items covered in the survey, via PWInsider, include:

*How many times a month a recipient watches RAW, SmackDown, and NXT?

*How often do they attend Live Events and watch Premium events?

*Are fans interested in NFTs?

* Are fans interested in a wrestler ranking system?

* Are fans interested in “real behind-the-scenes workings at WWE”?

* Which Social Media platforms does the fan follow with WWE?

WWE has been releasing several surveys as of late to select members of the WWE fanbase, with the most recent being a survey about the WrestleMania Backlash card. With that particular survey, fans were asked to rank the matches from: “Not at All Interested” to “Extremely Interested”.

Another survey released back in March asked cross-promotion questions, such as, “What do you like, if anything, about watching AEW Dynamite?” The survey also went into detail with questions about characters, promos, and if wrestlers have the creative freedom to speak their minds. There were also questions about NJPW, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling.

WWE did once have a ranking system of sorts, called the WWE “Power Rankings” or “Power 25” during its active years. The main difference between AEW’s current ranking system and WWE’s was that wins, losses, and draws were not the sole focus of rankings in WWE. It was more centered around who made a bigger impact on WWE television the week of, whether that be in a promo, match, or backstage segment. The WWE Power Rankings ended in November 2017.

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