In an interview with Metro UK, WWE NXT 2.0 tag team Pretty Deadly, Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, talked about some of their key influences, chief among them being WWE legend Triple H. Pretty Deadly in particular pointed to Triple H’s energy, which is something they hope to achieve.

“From Triple H, there’s an energy we would like to achieve,” Prince said. “We’re close, we’re very close, but he just has this alpha smell. When he walks in a room, you get a whiff of it instantly. This big energy!”

Pretty Deadly also talked about getting to work with inspirations like Triple H and Shawn Michaels down in NXT. Wilson would go on to rave about how Triple H and Michaels had not only helped shape their careers but the careers of all the young talent in NXT. He further said they inspire Pretty Deadly to have similar careers.

“They have really helped and shaped us,” Wilson said. “More than anything, it’s an inspiration to see them and to look back at their career, and then to see them now at the forefront of helping younger talents.

“If anything, it just inspires us to have a similar career. You can take bits from them and learn from them and grow from that, you take different pieces. Triple H was one of those big guys that we watched and we think, ‘hey! We’ll get there, but we need to get there.”

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