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AJ Lee trained as a wrestler under Jay Lethal, eventually signing with WWE in 2009. Her character work and fiery promos would differentiate her from the typical WWE Diva, and she became a top performer in the role of both General Manager and wrestler, winning the Divas Championship in July of 2013. Following a cervical injury and a falling out between WWE and her husband, CM Punk, AJ retired in 2015. Today she works as a comic book writer, working on such titles such as GLOW and Dungeons & Dragons with her partner, Lucifer actress Aimee Garcia.
Birth Name: April Jeanette Mendez
Born: March 19, 1987 (age 35) in Union City, New Jersey
Major Titles Held:WWE Divas Championship (three times)
AJ Mendes at the WOW press event

AJ Lee Provides Updates On WOW – Women Of Wrestling

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AJ Mendes at the WOW press event

AJ Lee Gives Update On Her Netflix Film

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AJ Mendes at the WOW press event

AJ Lee On Whether She Will Wrestle Again For WOW

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AJ Mendes at the WOW press event

AJ Lee Announced For “WOW: Women Of Wrestling” Return

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cm punk aj lee aew

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cm punk aj lee e1629136372117

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aj lee cm punk

AJ Lee Reacts To CM Punk Debuting In AEW

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AJ Lee To Co-Write 47 Ronin Sequel With Lucifer Star

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