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R-Truth looks out at the crowd during a WWE house show
Age: 50|WWE
bonnie maxon
Age: 40
randy couture 1
Age: 59
Age: 42|WWE
randy savage 2
Age: 58
raquel diaz
Age: 31
Raquel Rodriguez Gonzalez on WWE SmackDown.
Age: 31|WWE
ravenaew 1
Age: 57
reba aew 2021
Age: 43|AEW
reby sky mike kalasnik 1
Age: 35
Reggie holds the WWE 24/7 title over his head as he celebrates outwitting his opponents
Age: 29|WWE
reid flair f1
Age: 25
Rene Dupree stands in a ring holding a French flag by his side and glaring at the crowd
Age: 38
Renee Paquette with an American Flag
Age: 36
Age: 55
Age: 31|AEW
Age: 38
Rey Mysterio stands in the WWE ring wearing a mask that has one of his eyes darkened out
Age: 47|WWE
Age: 28
Rhea Ripley cutting a promo
Age: 25|WWE
Rhett Titus
Age: 34
rhyno 1
Age: 46|IW
Age: 73
rich brennan 1
Age: 38
Rich Swann.
Age: 31|IW
Rick Boogs stands back to back with Shinsuke Nakamura in the WWE entrance ramp while he plays guitar
Age: 34|WWE
rick rude
Age: 40
rick steiner 1
Age: 61
Ricky Morton struts in the GCW ring while sporting his long mullet
Age: 65
Age: 47
Age: 28|AEW
Ricky Steamboat stares off as he sits backstage at a WWE event
Age: 69
Ricochet pointing at an opponent in WWE.
Age: 33|WWE
riddle 1
Age: 36|WWE
Age: 34|WWE
riho revolution
Age: 25|AEW
Rikishi posing during Tribute to the Troops.
Age: 56
rima fakih2
Age: 36
Road Dogg looks into the camera as he takes a photo wearing a suit
Age: 53
Age: 45
Age: 33
rvd f
Age: 51
robbie eagles
Age: 32|NJPW
Robert Gibson
Age: 63
bobby roode
Age: 45|WWE
robert stone 1
Age: 38|WWE
rocco rock
Age: 49
rockyjohnson 1
Age: 75
Rocky Romero gazes down at the ground as he makes his way to the ring
Age: 39|NJPW
Roderick Strong looking upset
Age: 38|WWE
mean street posse
Age: 51
Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman at Elimination Chamber 2022
Age: 37|WWE
Ron Simmons
Age: 64
Age: 35|WWE
rosa mendes 1
Age: 42
rosemary impact wrestling
Age: 38|IW
rok c roh
Age: 20|WWE
ruby soho
Age: 31|AEW
Age: 33
ryback 2015 640x360 1
Age: 40
ryoji sai
Age: 36
Ryusuke Taguchi
Age: 43|NJPW